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There's not one right product for everyone. That's why we created the broadest over-the-counter psoriasis line available today. With so many choices, you can find the right mix of products for your skin.
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MG217 First Aid Drawing Salve, Ichthammol Ointment - 1 Ounce MG217 Cooling Burn Spray Maximum Strength, 4% Lidocaine formula with Aloe Vera MG217 Medicated Conditioning Tar Shampoo 8oz.<br />
MG217 Drawing Salve, Ichthammol Ointment. This ointment contains 10% authentic ichthammol (Ammonium Bituminosulfonate).
First Aid to help prevent bacterial contamination or skin infections, and temporary relief of pain and itching associated with minor: burns, sunburn, cuts, scrapes, and skin irritations
Helps stop the recurrence of psoriasis or dandruff symptoms. Fresh New Packaging Same Great Formula.
MG217 Psoriasis Salicylic Acid Multi-Symptom Moisturizing Cream<br /> MG217 Therapeutic Salicylic Acid Shampoo Plus Conditioner<br /> MG217 Baby Eczema Therapeutic Moisturizing Cream<br />

MG217® Salicylic acid based formula relieves and helps prevent recurrence of itching, redness, irritation and scaling. The cream application provides the effectiveness of an ointment without the mess, grease or stain.

Therapeutic Shampoos. - Therapeutic conditioning shampoos for control of scalp psoriasis

Every day, we help tens-of-thousands of people with psoriasis live happy, healthy, lives. Now, we’re committed to doing the same for those with eczema. Starting with babies. Watch for more MG217 Eczema products to launch in the coming months—you’ll find them in the first aid aisle of your favorite drug retailer.

MG217 Eczema Body - Full Spectrum Treatment Cream<br /> MG217 Therapeutic Conditioning Dead Sea Soap Bar, 3.2 Ounce <br> MG217 Non-Drying Multi-Symptom Coal Tar Gel 4oz

Fast, long-lasting relief from the full spectrum of eczema symptoms.

MG217® Non-Drying Multi-Symptom Coal Tar Gel is formulated with coal tar which helps stop symptom recurrence. Coal tar is the only non-prescription ingredient that works by slowing down excessive cell reproduction, thus reducing itching, scaling, and plaque build up. Specially formulated with Provitamin B5, Aloe and Bisabolol to moisturize the skin, reduce water loss, promote healthy skin appearance and offer fast absorbing, non-greasy relief.